My negotiated project

I-stop motion isn't the easiest program to use if you want the movements to flow very naturally so it was crucial that i carefully drew my character over and over again, perfectly, with slight changes to make it work. In total i drew over 60 images of the girl, which did take a lot of time but i was determined to make it work without looking clumsy so it was definitely worth it. As mentioned earlier i'm not the most patient of people but this project definitely tested me. Once i got into it and had set up all of my equipment, i really didn't want to stop but it made it difficult when the natural lighting began to change outside as it would have a big impact on the complexion and mood of the scene. This was important but also very frustrating as i would replay the previously created scenes and see a slight change in brightness so would therefore have to start over

To be honest, my negotiated project was something of a roller coaster ride. I decided to change my original idea of creating a children's pop up book of phobias and instead, create my own 30 second animation. I've always had a fascination for the whole animation process and have often wondered how much patience the creators must have to be able to make an arm and a leg move so delicately. Making a stop motion animation is a very arduous job. It requires a lot of patience to photograph dozens, even hundreds of images. In all honesty, i'm not the most patient of people but i will gain this with practice as i want the quality of my work to be of a high standard and it is a job prospect that i'd love to consider undergoing in the future aswell as children's book illustration.

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