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The image with the typewriter is one of my favourites as it looks as if all of the drawings and paper models are coming to life and about to walk off the page. We were set the task of creating illustrations based on the 7 x 7 book which i've written about in previous posts.

One of my biggest influences is Container Plus, a collaborative group who are based in London, currently with 3 people working together. Their work is a combination of illustrion, photography, set design and animation and they've produced work for an outstanding number of clients including Topshop, the Bafta's, London Design Festival etc...They also have experimented with their own personal projects for fun, which to me, is really admirable and it proves just how passionate they are for producing work. It shows they are willing and eager to push their ideas furthur and develop more skills. I think there is a big advantage in working collaboratively because you can learn from each other and exchange ideas but you can also allocate the skills you don't have over to someone else who is more experienced in that particular field. If you are working collaboratively, i think it is best to keep it to a minority and people you can rely on, because from past experience, the more people you add to your group, the more people you have to please. Louise, one of the members of Container Plus, came and delivered a speech and gave us an insight as to how collaborating with people works and what compromises and sacrifices you have to make. From listening to her helpful advice, i was quite excited by the prospect of working with someone and found it refreshing to be proven that it is possible for illustrators to work together even thought there are challenges you have to face.

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