Getting in touch with Jez Alborough..

I was really pleased to receive a reply from Jez as i'd previously read an interview online which he'd done a few months back and he sounded like a nice, down to earth illustrator. I have a two year old brother and it was only when i was having a look through his books that i found one called "Where's my teddy?' by Jez and the illustrations really appealed to me. Not usually the type which would catch my eye but my brother certainly enjoyed looking at them :) This was his kind reply:

Hi Katy,
thanks for your enquiry, sorry I don't have time for long answers but if
yu look around on my website there should be lots more that yoou might be
interested in (especially under Jez Says under each book).

It's hard to pick one but for now lets say OWL BABIES by martin Wadell
illustrated by Patrick Benson. Its the perfect combination of text and
illustration, nothing extraneous,proving that less is more.I plan to write
something about THE GRINCH by Dr Sueuss next year- another stunning book.

I just love it as an artform,the way that pictures and text go together like
music and lyrics in a song.

No, you have to do your own thing and keep moving forward within that.

You'd have to ask a publisher that.

I'd like to invite you to join my newsletter (see homepge of website) where
you can keep up to date with what I'm doing.

Happy Christmas


Dear Jez,

My name is Katy Jones and I'm a student at Stockport college, currently
studying illustration in my third year as a degree and I was wondering if I
could ask you a few questions about your work as I could possibly be your
number one fan! I have a presentation on who inspires/influences me and I
thought it would be a good idea to see what inspires your work?

If it is possible for you to reply, I was wondering if i could kindly have
your permission to show this email and your reply on my blog?

These are the questions I would really like to ask you:

1. What is your favourite all time children's book and why?

2. What first triggered a passion for illustrating children's books?

3. Have any aspects of any children's book you have read made you take note
and subsequently then added to your own repertoire?

4. When hiring a new candidate, what attributes are coveted by a client?

I'm sure you're very busy but i really appreciate you taking the time to read my email. Any input or advice you can give as an illustrator would be very much appreciated. I look forward to your reply,

Best wishes

Katy Jones

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