Sailor tattoos!

I don't know why but sailor tattoos are just really cool. I like them because they're tacky and look funny on a butch man's arm...especially the sexy lady ones- i think i mainly like them for their outfits but also because it's how i like to draw...^ Some of Sailor Jerry's tattoo designs inspired me when i did the second part of my Fotografik brief... I did my own screen print of a sexy lady between the phrase "Hello Sailor" and then photoshopped it onto a photo of my brother's (not so muscly) arm.

Bodypainting/Fotografik/Water brief

Here are a few more body painted images i really like.. The one above inspired me to give the corset idea a try. I did a photo shoot with the photographer Sarah Golding and a lady called Lisa, the make-up artist who also painted the corset and when i saw it, i had no idea that she'd painted it, i thought she was wearing an actual corset! She said it took her 2 and a half hours in total to do.

Also, with my water project, i thought i'd continue to do a bit more body painting in my final piece as my main theme was 'dirty water and disease' so even though it's not the prettiest of subjects, i focused on Scabies and Leprosy and thought it would be interesting to paint this effect onto my mums arm and then photograph it whilst she's pretending to drink a glass of dirty water...basically showing what can happen.

Here are a few examples of when i painted a corset onto a friends back...I asked her to bend her body to capture the creases in the skin and how the painted lines move with the skin. I wanted to give body painting a go as part of the Fotografik brief just because I thought it would be something different to try and I could be experimental with the light and different poses. I enjoyed working this way as it was fun to do and something completely different to what i'd normally do. I simply used face paint and bought separate bits of material for the lace, ribbon and skirt.

Sergio Mora

Re: your interest in the aesthetic of tattoo's, this book Children's book illustrated by Sergio Mora, is the story of a father who travels a lot, and stays away for months at times, but when he is at home he is very funny and tells lots of mad stories. The kid loves his father’s tatoos and thinks they’re better that any story ever written. It looks wonderful.

Editorial brief 1

For the first week long editorial brief, I decided to carry on working in the same way i did with the previous project (Ted Baker shop window). This was making my little plastercine models similar to Niki De Saint Phalle's because i was pretty content with this working method. I found it enjoyable to do and was quite pleased with my actual ideas behind each of the 3 images. Only thing is, I felt as if they didn't have 'Katy' stamped on top of them, and they still had 'Niki' written all over them- in other words, it didn't feel as if i'd created them and i'd purely just copied her style instead of transforming them into my own. A lot of her designs include heart shapes, flowers, stars etc... which i'd also painted onto my models but did i really need to include those extra things aswell? No.. Simply because it could leave the reader wondering whether these shapes have a reason to be there.

Ted Baker shop window project

This is how my final design turned out...i was pleased with it and enjoyed doing it but still not 100% sure that i'd like to work in this style everytime.

Originally, i wasn't going to work in this way until Ian suggested i maybe make it look a bit surreal and over-exaggerate the shapes in order to grab peoples attention because i said i do enjoy working this way. He said i should look at the work of Giorgio Dichirico who is a Surrealist artist and i'd never heard of him before but i knew i'd like him as the Surrealist movement is my favourite...^ I don't know why but the random glove that looks like it's just stuck to a building mesmerises me and makes me wonder why he even chose 'a glove' lol. (apparently its a surgeons glove.)

For a previous brief, a few of us were asked to design a shop window for Ted baker which i really enjoyed doing. i found it quite hard to get into at first, but once the i decided on a theme which was eventually 'British boardgames', i took the idea and ran with it. I ended up making different random shapes and game pieces in the style of Niki de Saint Phalle. I made them using plastercine, tissue paper and acrylic paint and then photographed them before attaching them to foam board...^

Previously, i mentioned Niki was one of my favourite outsider artists of all time. I love her quirky, provocative whacky style and how it appears to celebrate the female figure. Usually, people seem to be more interested in slim, tall, long legged female bodies but instead, she embraces the more curvy, voluptuous, big boobed physique and makes them look beautiful by painting them in bright colours and adding hearts and flower shapes.

Cheeky Ballet Shoes animation

This was a reference Gem and I were going to use for our animation, we created two ballerina figures, one quite clumsy and big and the other graceful and thin. We were going to synchronize them so they mirrored each other like in the clip from the Vicar Of Dibley but add that same sense of humor to the animation with the clumsy figure not being the best at dancing, however we ended up not committing ourselves to this idea because we were not sure how to achieve this in the time that we have although there was one way which meant we had to involve ourselves but with no surprise, neither of us wanted to wear a ballerina outfit! :/

Here is an animation that Gemma and I produced which is 30 seconds long. We enjoyed using the Stop Motion program and were really excited to see the outcome and it proved successful. We worked really well together and considering we'd never made an animation before, we thought we'd both done pretty good! The elements in the animation such as the flowers and the ballet shoes, each seem to have their own personalitys- especially the ballet shoes when they're a bit cheeky and kick the pin cushion out of the way sending it rolling :) The flowers scuttle away like little children which gives them a really cute quality. Would lov to do more of this.

My Animation Ideas...

When we were told that we were to produce a 30 second animation, I immediately panicked because i've never done anything like that before. Me and Gemma decided to work as a team which was optional but we thought it would help one another and before, we've had some successful outcomes whilst working together. Our original plan was to create our 30 second piece using After Effects but after spending the day cutting up various materials for the elements and scanning them in, we realised that we'd definately struggle after having only one session to get to grips with the program. As we both like dancing, particularly Ballet, we wanted to base our idea around this so Gemma thought we could maybe do something taken from the following ballet scene in The Vicar of Dibley: