My Evaluation...

Well, what can I say...I think i've finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. It's only now that i've created 12 pieces of work and can honestly say i'm very proud of each and every one of them. I feel like my style has blossomed and turned into something which appears to show a higher level of sophistication and generally look more professional in comparison to a lot of my previous work. I just wish I could've found this style which has started to suit me much sooner because it would've given me a hell of a lot more confidence in myself and my work. Therefore, other previous briefs would have proved more successful. My final major project idea changed from the word go. I realise now that I spent too much time focusing on the end product and how I was going to execute it, rather than just going with the flow and seeing where the different processes and techniques would take me. I felt restricted with the idea of creating huge wall images and it was only half way through that I realised things wouldn't be as easy as I originally thought. I intended to create huge versions of my prints so I spent a lot of time researching how I could make this possible. Wall stickers was an idea but realised it wouldn't be possible as 1. it proved to be too expensive (at least over £40 just for one and I needed 12!) and 2. because all of my prints have a textured look to them, a guy from a company called 'Wall Tattoo' explained that my designs would have to be flat vector shapes of colour if I wanted them made as a sticker. This was because the vinyl cutter would simply break if it attempted to cut out each tiny dot of texture. I was introduced to a few of Joan Miro's masterpieces which were full of crazy shapes, lines and spots of colour every here and there and I immediately took a liking to them. I'd created elements from the story I.e wine bottle, flower, trees etc.. using the gum arabic printing process and as I already had my main collagraph images to depict the story, I somehow needed to combine them without it looking like id just thrown them together. This is when my whole project began to change from huge wall images into small contemporary mature Miro/Kandinsky style compositions. It took a few goes to get them looking right but I really enjoyed the challenge of making each image look abstract and tell a part of the story at the same time. I combined real life objects, textures, collagraph prints, lines and colour to create 12 exciting images. I was also going to have 12 so I would have 3 for each of the 4 original titles: sexual awakening, ritual, rebirth and natural cycles but decided not to stick to these. I have still kept most of the collagraph prints that relate to these headings in my new illustrations. All in all, i'm really pleased with how everything turned out and it has even improved my portfolio by my opinion anyway! I generally feel a lot more confident when showing my work to friends, family and art directors now instead of feeling like an amateur.

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