My Artefact...

I was so so angry because my artefact never bothered to turn up on time which is typically my luck so as you have already probably seen, i created a mock up version out of clay just to show you what it was that should've been there. You'll recognise my trademark green bird which features on my business cards, website and originally was created for my Sinbad the Sailor projecr. As simple as it sounds, you can stick it virtually anywhere and i got the idea from one of those things you stick in a plant pot for decoration. It includes my details on the side and you could even stick it in a pen holder or empty mug on your desk. said they would turn my design into 3D using a plastic laser cutter, similar to how they create 3D charms for bracelets. I was able to upload my deign after exchanging a few details via email and for 20 which i have ordered, it has cost me £25.99. I want to have a little pot of them when they arrive in time for my exhibition next to my work for the public to take as they please.

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