Ted Baker shop window project

This is how my final design turned out...i was pleased with it and enjoyed doing it but still not 100% sure that i'd like to work in this style everytime.

Originally, i wasn't going to work in this way until Ian suggested i maybe make it look a bit surreal and over-exaggerate the shapes in order to grab peoples attention because i said i do enjoy working this way. He said i should look at the work of Giorgio Dichirico who is a Surrealist artist and i'd never heard of him before but i knew i'd like him as the Surrealist movement is my favourite...^ I don't know why but the random glove that looks like it's just stuck to a building mesmerises me and makes me wonder why he even chose 'a glove' lol. (apparently its a surgeons glove.)

For a previous brief, a few of us were asked to design a shop window for Ted baker which i really enjoyed doing. i found it quite hard to get into at first, but once the i decided on a theme which was eventually 'British boardgames', i took the idea and ran with it. I ended up making different random shapes and game pieces in the style of Niki de Saint Phalle. I made them using plastercine, tissue paper and acrylic paint and then photographed them before attaching them to foam board...^

Previously, i mentioned Niki was one of my favourite outsider artists of all time. I love her quirky, provocative whacky style and how it appears to celebrate the female figure. Usually, people seem to be more interested in slim, tall, long legged female bodies but instead, she embraces the more curvy, voluptuous, big boobed physique and makes them look beautiful by painting them in bright colours and adding hearts and flower shapes.

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