Cheeky Ballet Shoes animation

This was a reference Gem and I were going to use for our animation, we created two ballerina figures, one quite clumsy and big and the other graceful and thin. We were going to synchronize them so they mirrored each other like in the clip from the Vicar Of Dibley but add that same sense of humor to the animation with the clumsy figure not being the best at dancing, however we ended up not committing ourselves to this idea because we were not sure how to achieve this in the time that we have although there was one way which meant we had to involve ourselves but with no surprise, neither of us wanted to wear a ballerina outfit! :/

Here is an animation that Gemma and I produced which is 30 seconds long. We enjoyed using the Stop Motion program and were really excited to see the outcome and it proved successful. We worked really well together and considering we'd never made an animation before, we thought we'd both done pretty good! The elements in the animation such as the flowers and the ballet shoes, each seem to have their own personalitys- especially the ballet shoes when they're a bit cheeky and kick the pin cushion out of the way sending it rolling :) The flowers scuttle away like little children which gives them a really cute quality. Would lov to do more of this.

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