Bodypainting/Fotografik/Water brief

Here are a few more body painted images i really like.. The one above inspired me to give the corset idea a try. I did a photo shoot with the photographer Sarah Golding and a lady called Lisa, the make-up artist who also painted the corset and when i saw it, i had no idea that she'd painted it, i thought she was wearing an actual corset! She said it took her 2 and a half hours in total to do.

Also, with my water project, i thought i'd continue to do a bit more body painting in my final piece as my main theme was 'dirty water and disease' so even though it's not the prettiest of subjects, i focused on Scabies and Leprosy and thought it would be interesting to paint this effect onto my mums arm and then photograph it whilst she's pretending to drink a glass of dirty water...basically showing what can happen.

Here are a few examples of when i painted a corset onto a friends back...I asked her to bend her body to capture the creases in the skin and how the painted lines move with the skin. I wanted to give body painting a go as part of the Fotografik brief just because I thought it would be something different to try and I could be experimental with the light and different poses. I enjoyed working this way as it was fun to do and something completely different to what i'd normally do. I simply used face paint and bought separate bits of material for the lace, ribbon and skirt.

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