The Green Eyed Monster

During the week, we were each asked to pick a piece of work that makes us envious so I decided to choose Jan Fearnley's book 'Arthur and The Meanies' which I recently came across in my local library whilst researching for my current project. Fearnley is a full time children's book author and illustrator who has sold 300.000 books worldwide in less than 3 years and that fact that she is one of the most successful writer/illustrators of her generation is the first reason why i'm so envious of her! Secondly, each and every page in this book is just beautiful. It is exactly how i'd love my children's book to look like if i was to create my own as she uses a number of different materials throughout in order to create various textures and make each page seem touchable. Her animals are delicately drawn with hints of patterns on their bodies and practically every other element on the page looks to be made from ripped up paper, musical note pages, book pages and have even been sewn into afterwards. I love how theres are a few leaves at the bottom where a few have been made from paper and others have been drawn so simply underneath. It has inspired me to try a few of these techniques as i like the idea of the drawn elements being placed on top of materials and to play around with text and how it can be arranged on the page.

Dennis Juan Ma

Besides the textured collage illustrations which i'm usually interested in, I came across Dennis Juan Ma's work which I thought had a similar feel to the Container Plus images which i've been looking at whilst doing the 7x7 brief. I love images that combine real life photographs and ink pen drawings that look really crisp on the page. His drawings are inspired from Chinese traditional paintings, Japanese Ukiyoe and American comic art. The characters that I drew for the 7x7 brief are very detailed and I enjoyed working this way because they were how i used to draw before i came to college. I would like to combine my textured collage technique with the detailed black and white drawings in my current phobia's project. Images to show this will follow shortly.

Shadow Play: Alchemy Redolence & Enchantment

Look.... a 3 day Illustration Symposium organised by Cardiff School of Art and Design which will take place from the 2 - 4 November 2010. This is right up your street! Guest speakers include Roderick Mills, Graham Rawle and Anna Bhushan.

A fresh new start..

WOOHOO..finally made it to third year and i'm excited to get working back in the studio with everyone. Last year I didn't feel like i worked to my full potential but now i've made a pact to myself and things are going to change! :) I know it's only early days but already i feel as if i've made a positive change with things, even with just organising myself better and arriving in on time at 9:15 (which will last i promise!) but i just want to be able to prove to the tutors that i am capable of doing well and I am serious about my work even if it may not come across like i am i mentioned, last year i really struggled to get into my work and find myself within it but i've had a good think over the summer about stuff that i could look at and found a few different working techniques which will suit me more. Usually i tend to get an idea in my head, get really excited about what i can do with it, but then reach a dead end and feel like i can't take it any further :/ I think that is all down to sufficient planning and already i feel like my negotiated 'Phobias' project can go far if i push myself. I know i can do it if i try. Also, i've already realised that the dissertation definitly isn't going to be the right choice for me. I've decided to opt for the journal because i think i'll feel tonnes more confident talking about my own work instead of struggling to reach 8000 words answering a question which realistically i have no interest on :/- just being honest!