A fresh new start..

WOOHOO..finally made it to third year and i'm excited to get working back in the studio with everyone. Last year I didn't feel like i worked to my full potential but now i've made a pact to myself and things are going to change! :) I know it's only early days but already i feel as if i've made a positive change with things, even with just organising myself better and arriving in on time at 9:15 (which will last i promise!) but i just want to be able to prove to the tutors that i am capable of doing well and I am serious about my work even if it may not come across like i am sometimes...like i mentioned, last year i really struggled to get into my work and find myself within it but i've had a good think over the summer about stuff that i could look at and found a few different working techniques which will suit me more. Usually i tend to get an idea in my head, get really excited about what i can do with it, but then reach a dead end and feel like i can't take it any further :/ I think that is all down to sufficient planning and already i feel like my negotiated 'Phobias' project can go far if i push myself. I know i can do it if i try. Also, i've already realised that the dissertation definitly isn't going to be the right choice for me. I've decided to opt for the journal because i think i'll feel tonnes more confident talking about my own work instead of struggling to reach 8000 words answering a question which realistically i have no interest on :/- just being honest!

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