7 x 7: Text and Image Brief

Below is a photograph of a pretty lantern which Gemma bought in because in Joanne's story, it refers to a 'magic lantern' so we thought it would be nice to experiment with light and he different coloured filters in the photographic studio to create the stain glass effect. I think the main subjects of the story are the church, the lantern and the idea of hope. I think this lantern is perfect as it already has a stain glass pattern around it which would look lovely when lit up with tea lights. We looked at a few images of churches and stain glass windows...

I'm really looking forward to the new brief we've been set, where we'll be working in pairs and collaborating with MMU students who are in their 3rd year studying English Literature. We've been asked to illustrate a 3000 word story which they've written which i'm really looking forward to as this is the sort of path i'd like to take in the future. The story i've been given is called ''When a door opens'' by Joanne Key, alongside Gemma Beavan and we can choose whether or not we would like to collaborate with one another. Gemma and I have worked together before where we had to produce a short animation which proved successful as we both have similar interests and ideas. I think it would benefit us both if we did work together as we could motivate each other and exchange our ideas. I think it's brilliant that we each have the chance to work alongside and i'm going to put 100% into this live project as it mans our illustrations will be shown at the 'English Literature Festival'. Later on in the third year, we will produce a 15 second animation which will also be shown at the festival.

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