7 x 7: Container Plus... research and ideas

My particular favourite is the typewriter image where it looks as if all of the little drawings are coming to life and about to walk off the page. We thought about making all of our own elements and characters so they look as if they'e pouring out of the church one of the main elements in the story. I think an idea like this would be good for an animation and i've taken a screenshot of Su Blckwell's animation which i've previously looked at...^

Gemma suggested we look at some of Container Plus's work which i really liked when they came in to talk to us in college. I've never really thought of working this way before but with Gemma paper making skills combined with my love for drawing, this seemed like a really good idea. We decided to work together which we both thought would be a good idea after I think we were both a bit scared to suggest it to one another incase we thoguth the other didn't want to! :) We both had corresponding ideas of building our own paper set like Container Plus do, including real objects also and then photographing the models in the photographic studio.

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