A few of my favourite arty things...

The image below of the caged monkey definately touched my heart the most - it actually made me feel quite upset (sad I know!) but atleast it was proof that Coe has actually managed to produce a piece of work which speaks louder than words...

Recently, I came across an illustrator called Sue Coe whose work shocked me at first. until I realised it was highly political, often directed against capitalism and cruelty to animals. I thought i'd incclude her in my blog because I believe that Art should be used more to portray some of the worlds biggest problems as it has proved more effective. I think it's wrong that people have criticised her work (then again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion) but it annoys me when people have said ''she's motivated by money, not morals." 
I mean, I'm sure she really enjoys sitting in a slaughter house hours on end, painting cows that are being treated like crap and then chopped up in front of her eyes........ (that was in a scarcastic tone by the way) It's just something that she feels so strongly about and even though i'm not a massive fan of her actual style, i think that other artists should be inspired by her.

"I've always felt that I should save that pig. It's been my mission."
Sue Coe

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