Monoprinting and Tracey Emin..

I have already had a go at the Paper Litho Transfer technique so tomorrow i'm going to have a go at Monoprinting. It's so quick and easy and i'm guaranteed some interesting results. I have been looking at the work of Tracey Emin, the well-known modern artist who apparently 'should have won the 1999 Turner Prize but didn't.' She produces autobiographical which is all about herself. Emin's monoprints are a well documented part of her creative output. Her unique drawings represent a diaristic aspect and frequently depict events from the past. Often they incorporate text as well as image, although some bear only text and others only image. Some critics have compared Emin's text-only monoprints to ransom notes. Emin frequently misspells words, deliberately or due to the speed at which she did each drawing. In an interview, Emin said “It's not cute affectation. If I could spell, then I would spell correctly, but I never bothered to learn. So, rather than be inhibited and say I can't write because I can't spell, I just write and get on with it." Emin's monoprints are rarely displayed alone in exhibitions, they're particularly effective as collective fragments of intense emotional confrontation. Emin has made several works documenting painful moments of sadness and loneliness experienced when travelling to foreign cities for various exhibitions.

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