7 x 7: After the shoot...the village

Here are a few examples of mine and Gemma's set designs for the first illustration for the 7 x 7 book. We were so chuffed with how everything worked out because we were worried about how we were going to stand the paper characters up without them wilting over but nothing that a bit of blu-tac couldn't help us with. I don't think we actually expected it to turn out this well but it really seemed like our hard work paid off :) I always look forward to seeing what the final results are going to be like and i was exited to see what they'd look like printed out onto nice paper. We enjoyed messing about with the different colours as each one created a different atmosphere. We also cut out some shapes on card- a bit like how we made the trees s we could place it infront of the projector to create a stain glass window in the background.

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