The Big Bad Wolf...

I've started to think about how i'm going to present all of my illustrations and i had the idea of having them printed as really large wall stickers. I was going to just have them printed off onto normal paper at A2/1 size and spray mount them onto my boards but i thought it might be a bit risky and it could look a bit messy and unprofessional. I emailed a guy called Danny from a company called Wall Tattoo. I enquired to see if it would be possible to eventually have my 12 images printed onto adhesive paper but apparently it's not as easy as it sounds! Here was his response to my query although i can't seem to find that so sorry!...he was very friendly and helpful though!

On 11 Apr 2011, at 18:44, "Mr Wall Tattoo" wrote:

Hi Katy/Kaytee/Kayttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Trust all is well in the designer/uni world and you are revving yourself up for some major style workload leading upto your exam!?

Thanks for your comments about the site, appreciate it.

I can try and help, but because I'm from up North I'm slightly mad and don't quiet get what you think we can help with!! Sorry, its me honestly, not you.

Collographing, what exactly is that? Are you designs finished pieces of art then? How would you see us helping you put them on the wall without us using vinyl?

The two services we offer are:

Solid colour vinyl , such as the designs on the site, generally one colour and silhouette.

Images printed onto white vinyl (Basically using the vinyl as printing paper) these can then be applied to walls directly

Let me know what you were thinking, we often create peoples designs into Wall Tattoos, and have worked with Students before on this...but this was very much digital illustrators who hand us a vector file and we give it a Wall Tattoo makeover!

Lemme know,


my response:

On 11/04/2011 19:35, Katy Jones wrote:

Ha don't worry, it's probably Coz I'm not too great at explaining things :-/ it's just that I spoke to a technician at uni and Coz she said my images aren't just silhouettes of solid colour so a vinyl cutter wouldn't be able to do it?

I could send you an example if you want as a jpeg file Coz then it'll be easier for you to see if your able to do it or not but it's totally cool if you can't.

My projects all about the dark side of fairytales and I'm looking at little red riding hood so you might think my image is a little crazy but it does have a hidden meaning!



Danny's response:

In this case then maybe I can help! Most of the WT "Stock" designs are solid vinyl, silhouette...but we do have an uber cool vinyl cutter which prints any image onto blank vinyl first and then just cuts round the outline of the image. Not sure if this makes sense?!

Basically, say you printed the below onto plain A4 paper...then you would have to tape or pritt stick (Does anyone use them anymore!!) onto the wall.....Well our machine prints onto huge sheets of vinyl, which obviously is adhesive so the image basically turns into a big sticker which can be easily wall mounted!

Send me the JPEG if you could for better inspection...obviously the only thing we can't do is add texture, it would just be a smoooooottthhh surface? Is that ok

Bless ya Katy


p.s. I actually love your idea....I bet most fairytales have a seedy darkside don't they?


Danny Martin

Mr Wall Tattoo

My response:

That would have been great but the only thing is, I need the patterned textured details on the images Coz this is the technique I've used throughout. But thankyou so much for your help and advice!

I may actually have a few black solid silhouette shapes which could need printing so once I've figured out the size I'm gonna need them il send you over an email!



Danny's response:

Aww sorry then chuck, texture I can't do!

Good luck with stuff, and hit me back if you do need some silhouettey style ones I can help with.

Thanks for following us on Twitter...I actually have not one bit of a clue how to use it but a mate said to me "Oh man, you haven't got twitter....I just, well, can't believe it" Like I just stood on his cat. I thought he was going to cry so relented. Two months later I still have no idea....



Danny Martin

Sun and tree...Natural cycle theme

Evolution of the wolf...

Adding a splash of red...

Gary Goodman

Gary Goodman's work is not pretty. It is direct, confronting, un-self-consciousness, un-polite. But there is something about it that I find full of intrigue. He knows, lives and breathes his subject inside out. 'Style' goes out of the window and having something to say is of greater importance. His paintings often include a female figure, in the woods , in some kind of encounter - what is the narrative?