Leo Lionni

Video and Photo Gallery | 100 Years of Leo Lionni

I found this video online of Leo speaking about why he likes to write about animals...I think his characters are really simple and cute.

A children's book author and illustrator who i'm very fond of is Leo Lionni who produced more than 40 children's books in his lifetime. He did paintings, sculptures, collages, drawings, mosaics, designs, posters and advertisements. He became widely recognized as one of the most distinguished and innovative designers and artists of the twentieth century. His life, most especially his early, formative years, bears testimony to how his everyday experiences, his family, and his surroundings influenced him as an artist and creative thinker. I am particularly drawn to his work because it looks like he has used a collagraph technique so i feel like my work has a similar style to his. Here are a couple of books which he has published...^

Collagraph printing...

One process that i really enjoy doing is Collagraph printing. I did more of this in the first year but i love waiting to see what the outcome is going to look like once i've rolled it through the presser. I like to make collages out of lots of different textured materials and then seeing this in the ink instead of it being just a flat matte colour. I definatly want to try some more of these next year. Here are some examples of what i mean...^