More about Hattie Newman..

There's so many positive things i could say about Hattie's work..I just wish i'd stumbled across her website earlier as she probably could have become my biggest influence after looking at her bright, beautiful set designs. She creates playful images and animations based on imaginary worlds that are often quite surreal. She explores the relationships between the animate and inanimate, and makes 3D and 2D sets for her characters to exist within. She's apparently also interested in narrative and sequences, and creates books and packs using various printing methods. Set design is something i've become more involved in whist working with Gemma a few times this past year and it is definitely something i'm thinking of doing as part of my Final Major Project. I already have a few ideas which i will talk about a bit later on my blog. I think this year, i have gained a lot more confidence within myself regarding my work and i think the fact that i have been able to work with people who are more experienced in other things such as Photography, has improved my work. I've learnt that you dont get if you don't ask and it opens up so many more doors as to what i am able to do in my final major project.

Hattie Newman's clowns

Here are some clown screen prints by Hattie Newman who is an illustrator, animator and set maker from Bristol. I looked at these as part of my research for my negotiated project animation which was originally about the fear of clowns 'Coulerophobia'. This is when i decided to create my own collages of scary clown faces but i really wasn't pleased with them at all because they looked so crude and overly childlike. This is when i began to question whether i was doing the right thing by just focusing on clowns because i felt like i wasn't making any progress. Here is an example..